Another Day, Another Torture

Your name is Lian Willso. You work for your Mom, as a clerk. You scan dozens of eggs, sick of hearing that beeping noise. You rip the receipt out of the machine, and hand it to the customer. He reminds you of someone at your school – poor. You yawn, you still have 20 minutes to go. You watch for the clock to tick, waiting and waiting. This you think…Is boring. You regret even agreeing to help out your mom. Being surrounded by your favorite snacks..and unable to rip them open! The baker comes out with fresh cake, putting it on the stand. You lick your lip, drooling. You’re snapped out of your daydreaming by an elderly woman, grumpy. She slides the items onto the scanner, you having to reach over. You flick your head, making sure you’re awake. A huge box of cake is brought up. You remember the Baker saying something about it worth over 100$..His blood and sweat dedicated to it. You swipe oranges and boxes, bored.

”LIAN..I need you to help me!” Your mother shouts. You say to the elderly lady you’ll be right back. Your mother is handling carts of oranges, you greatly rearrange it on the shelf. You jump down from the steps, back to scanning. One of your co-workers accidentally went to your station and messed up the price. The elderly woman looks at you, demanding for a price.

The price..?




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