Middle of 13

Your name is Donna Kie. You are the middle child out of 13. No one really notices you. Half of them are either adopted or step children – your mom loves children.. You make breakfast for your siblings, your older sister scrubs your head, thanking you for doing it for her. No problem, you think. Your youngest brother Kyle..wait no that’s Ethan.. Ethan( or is it Nate?) tugs your shirt. You however don’t notice him, turning around to get a handful of spoons. Ethan grabs the milk carton, pouring pints of milk into his tiny bowl. Cheerio’s pour down to the floor, followed by a river of milk. You sigh, cleaning up the mess.

School is almost over. You stare at the clock, hoping for the bell to ring. Your mom would be complaining to you how important education is. You know it is but – it’s just so boring. You can’t wait to get out to the real world and have a family, and a decent job. You daydream…

”DONNA!” Mrs. Mikbell snaps at you. She hits the wooden pencil on your desk. You react by nearly jumping out of your seat. She glares at you. Staring right at you in the eye.

”Can you repeat what I just said?” Mrs.Mikbell spits. Mean teachers.. They always want the truth. You wish you were home.

You gulp. And nod your head up and down.

”Oh, then can you tell the class?” You say…

”Of course!”


”I wasn’t listening..”


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