You tell Emma all about it.

Girl talk man, girl talk. Emma thinks it’s interesting, and agrees to help you. You both snoop out clues. But you really can’t, because both of you are idiots. You and Emma dig into Marie’s background, get ready for becoming spies.You really can’t find much about the girl, but you find a whole lot about her father. CEO of a popular social site, no wonder he’s rich. Says here, he’s worth more than the site!

But not a single thing on his daughter. Not even her birthday. Maybe you guys aren’t looking hard enough.  Maybe you guys spelled her name wrong. Maybe it’s a fake name. Maybe this, maybe that. Emma gives up, and leaves your bedroom. You’re still staring at the screen.  You have 3 choices.

Bother Emma, or..

Skip to the next day.

Hang around your secret hideout..


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