Left! Nonononono..wait yes!

The thought of money runs in your mind..The reward.. You go left, your crappy rap music bursts into the radio. You try to sing the song, but you fail. You do not recognize this road. You go in a loop, trying to turn around. You’re also tired, sleepy. All annoying things combine into one, bother you. You’re not looking until…


A car is coming for you, you are too late to respond. You try steering out of the way but its no use.

You are both knocked down a hill, the cars roll. The car is now upside down, and you are hanging. Shards of glass are in your skin. You hear the faint noise of sirens, but you are knocked out.


You lay in the hospital bed, a bunch of wires connected to you. You open your eyes briskly, seeing many faces. They’re all happy to know you’re alive. You hope you haven’t broken anything. Your mother comes, and kisses you on the forehead. But the doctors push her away, letting you catch sleep.



You’re up and ready, sitting on the hospital bed. You hurt your leg, and will be needing a cast. But whatever. It won’t last very long, though. But…when you get home you realize how hard it already is. You have struggle getting up some places, but in the end you’ll make it. You wonder if people will care to sign it. You should bring pens.


Will you bring pens?





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