You decide to jog. But after a few minutes, your P.E teacher yells at you.

”CAN YOU RUN FASTER? ARE YOU A TURTLE OR SOMETHING? RUN BOY RUN” You begin to speed up, but bump into the school’s ”gangster”

You both trip over, panting. He spits at you.

”WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” He gets up, yelling. He grabs you by the turtle neck, but the P.E teacher grabs his hoodie.. pulling him away.

”KEEP. YOUR. HANDS. TO. YOURSELF, PUNK” He pushes the gangster away, and turns to you.

”And for you… man up” He gives his final words of wisdom, and walks away.

You really messed things up.



You swing open your bedroom door, landing on your memory form bed. There’s hot spicy Cheeto bags laying around. You should really pick that up. You turn on your DreamX controller, waiting for the awesomeness to shine on you. Ever since MintosMint Co. Released the DreamX, you’ve been buying every game they’ve released. Their latest was their 100th game, and it was one of the BEST THINGS EVER. You’re thinking of playing it again, but then you have that new game… Final One – a zombie shooting game. Awesome.


Which one do you play?


Final One

100th Game


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