Your name is Kenny Maple. You live with your grandparents, who are very poor. You barely can buy food, and your clothes are hand- me downs from the 2nd Hand Store. Your parents died in a car crash, with no will. Your family are all black sheep…Except for your grandparents. Quiet, they mostly keep to themselves. You keep to yourself at school, and your only best friend is a nerd. Yeah..not what you really expected in your life. You wrap your jacket around your waist, it’s not chilly yet.. And the weather is better. You’re happy it’s not raining, like last night.

You fall into a puddle.

Did I mention that you have the worst of luck?

You arrive at school, two of your friends wave at you. Tim is by your right hanging at a tree. He’s sort of a loser, and you’re his last resort. You guys are good friends though. And one..Is that Luke? Luke calls for you, he sits with the cheerleaders.

Which one do you talk to?




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