You really need to stop saying ”MANN”. You ditch Luke, ditching your chances with the ladies. Tim runs up to you, a idea so bright.

”You heard about that lady who went missing…big reward…and stuff” He’s barely able to contain himself. No wonder he’s a loser, and you think of heading back to Luke.

”I JUST FOUND OUT HER SISTER LIVES A BLOCK AWAY FROM ME!” He screams. Money can make people SO excited, you think. You yawn, and you both doodle theories of where Marie could be

  • With her Boyfriend
  • Hiding
  • Killed and Murdered
  • Hanging at Starbucks
Good enough. The bell rings, you both sprint to home room. You can’t wait til tomorrow. You feel like you’re Batman, you’re on the edge of discovering the world’s biggest mystery.
That and you’ll still immature.
The next day…
You call Tim up, planning to meet up at the park. You sprint over, with your poorly untied shoes. He looks at you, dumbfounded. You guys have no idea what you’re doing. Tim brings up you guys should go visit her sister a visit.
Shockingly, the house was average.
Not what you would think of Millioniares.

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