Jimmy Jay’s Coffee, MHM

You walk to Jimmy Jay’s Coffee.  Across the street is it’s rival, Mary Mari’s Coffee. Mary Mari’s coffee is disgusting. Worst coffee ever. Worst than Seattle’s Best Coffee too.

You walk into Jimmy Jay’s Coffee shop, and it smells so nice. But you’re in the mood for hot chocolate. It’s freezing.  You love the smell of the shop. Smells like beans.

Yummy beans.

You also order a small cupcake, who says a gangster can’t have treats? Well, you’re not sure you’re really a gangster either. But whatever. You walk out of the store, sipping your hot chocolate. Your favorite part of drinking their hot chocolate, is when y0u’re done. You like to make those loud noises when you sip. It’s fun, and rude. You forget about the reward until Emma calls you.

She bugs you.




Emma: duuude! i saw this ad on tv. bout some gurl who went missing. reward is like 1 billion buuucks! dudz, do u know what we could do with tht money?

You: i knno, i saw. b over at ur house at 5, k

Emma: kk


You shut off your phone and head to Emma’s house. You’re still sipping your hot chocolate. You see that their door is open, but you should knock right?



Walk In


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