Ignore the annoying RRRRRIING sound

You ignore it. Except, you forget everyone can hear the ringing! You should have muted your phone before you came to school. Idiot! Everyone turns their heads to you. Dummy.

Your teacher walks up to you, demanding your phone. He doesn’t seem happy you just interrupted the class. You drop your phone into his palm. You don’t think you’re getting that back.


Class ends, and you’re about to go to swim meet. Except your teacher calls your name. And who is this teacher? Mr.Zialk. One of the weirdest teachers ever.

”Dentention. Now.” He hands you a slip, and you grumble. You have other things to do! And this is going on your RECORD. This is going to hurt your chances of going to HARVARD. Oh no! You’re freaking out, as you walk to the office. You’ll end up at MCDONALDS. Or Taco Bell.  You are so dead.

So dead.


As you walk into Detention, there are 3 seats left. There are 3 rows.  One in the front, next to some shady guys.. Guy’s you’re afraid of.  One in the middle, where you see the infamous gangster – Ellie Jovie. Or in the very back, the guy that sells drugs. Which seat do you take? Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY, you think in your head. So, which seat do you take?


Sit next to the …weird shady guys.


Sit next to Ellie Jovie


Sit next to the drug dealer.



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