Lane 1

You idiot!

You hate swimming by the wall! Why are you so stupid!!

But it’s too late to switch. You sigh. You’re next to a hispanic girl. Her hair is blocking her face. You offer her a hair tie. She gladly takes it, and smiles. It made you feel good today. You quickly tie your dark chocolate hair, and swim. You love the feeling of floating. It feel so free. You power your legs. You’re one of the fastest swimmers! Your coach gives you a thumbs up. Awesome.

After 20 minutes, you’re still not tired. You love this. You flutter your feet more, loving the feel of water. But soon, your skin gets..wrinkly.  You wrap your towel around you, freezing. Who the heck opened the doors outside?!


You get your clothes on, feeling warmer than before. You walk out the door, feeling better.

You arrive at your house, a few minutes later there’s a knock on  the door. It’s your bud, Lian. She looks worried, but whatever. You don’t think you would want to remind her. She runs up the stairs, throwing her backpack on the floor. She really didn’t care. She plops herself on your bed, feeling sick.

”Work?” You ask.

”Yuup. I hate working for my mom’s store. It’s just so…UGH!” She groans. You find the idea at working at a store is pretty fun. Well, owning at least.  You remember the reward you saw on TV. Should you confront your BFF about it?




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