You drop down on the ground. You’re rolling to the door. Your lungs feel so much better. Ash falls on your face. Although rolling on the ground helps, you still feel pain.  You roll outside. You get on your knees. You’re running from your home – on fire. You remember your memories with it. Now it will be gone.

You’re so lucky no one was inside…

Your neighbors have already seen. The firefighters are here. You’re so relieved you got out alive, and so is your mother.


You’re taken back to your mother’s store. It’s closed, but you guys will be sleeping there. Your mother sells food, like a supermarket. You borrowed a sleeping bag from your neighbor, and you, your mother and brother sleep on the ground. Words are lost.


You wake up.

You run to the bathroom, with a brand new toothbrush. You scrub your teeth. There’s no shower, but you can take one at your friend’s or a gym..


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