Be partners with ELLIE

You walk up to Ellie, gently tapping her shoulder. She turns around, a bit surprised. She’s already partners with her BFF – Emma. You back away, feeling a bit embarrassed. You did it again! This is not cool. You feel a bit funny, and you turn to Tim.


But Tim’s already partners with someone else. Your teacher looks at you, and well you guess you’ll have to do this project by yourself. Nice going! You sulk in your chair, waiting for the day to be over. You don’t bother to listen to what everyone else is saying.


School is over, and you’re out. You’re planning to go to the pool. You want to check out the new local pool. It has 3 slides (big ones!) and a huge pool. But you remember you’re going alone. But maybe you can pick up some girls there, am I right? Who doesn’t want to go swimming in California?


But you still got homework.

Slack off?

Do your homework.


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