Cheesy Pizza

All they have left is cheese pizza. Yuck! You always wonder who even eats it. It’s disgusting. It’s cheese plastered over tomato sauce on cardboard. Well, school pizza anyway. You really missed elm. lunch. Well actually, elm. lunch sucked too. You rather starve than eat this trash! You sip on your milk, sighing. You get a text from your friend, Lily.

To Donna from Lily

Lily: duduedue i gotta tell you somethin

Donna: dued

Lily: What?

Donna: hve i ever told u how much the schools pizza sux

Lily: No, because I don’t go to your school.

Donna: our mascot still beats urs

Lily: No way, Bobcats rule!

Donna: Dogs>Cats

Lily: Whatever.

Donna: So why did you text me again?

Lily: Oh yeah! Anyway, I like saw this ad on TV or somethin bout this girl name Marie, and theres like an reward for like BIG BUCK$

Donna: o

Lily: Yeaah, come over to my house. I wanna find more about this Marie girl.

Donna: K, i’ll see.

Lily: anyway, gotta go

Donna: bye!!

Your spelling is terrible. You would text better, but you barely have any letters left.

You snap your phone shut, sighing. You and Lily really never talk much anymore. Should you go to Lily’s house?




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