Find another way out

You scramble back to the living room. There’s a way out from there.You’re scared, as the fire chases you. Your lungs hurt and want to scream. Your memories are burning. You watch your house crumble apart. You race to the entrance to the backyard, swinging the door open. You’re coughing, You roll out, landing on the soft grass. You can hear firefighters rushing into the house, but you’re too tired to wake up. You’re safe now, at least

You wake up in your mom’s store, sleeping on a sleeping bag. Your brother is sound asleep next to you, and you sigh. You roll over, thinking of the current events. Your house is gone. How are you going to face school? You’re still wearing the clothes from the fire, and you just feel sick to the stomach. Your house is gone. Surely, you’ll have to break the news to someone. But who? It’s 10 PM, who do you call?






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