Text back

You text back on Lily, using little words. Your phone is the flip up ones, and is very small. Your typing is really bad, but you hope she can understand it. You use as little as words possible, you mostly call people instead of texting.

To Donna from Lily

Donna: Hy

Lily: Oh, hey!

Donna: i dnt thnk i can go 2 the party 2day : (

That’s actually true, because you really can’t. You’re too busy. Your parents said no, and you’re stuck in your room doing homework.

Lily: awwww!!!! :(((

Donna: yah..& gtg ttyl

Here you are now, stuck in your room. You’re headbanging your desk. You really want to go to that party. Your parents are asleep right now.. you could come back before your dad leaves for work..Do you leave for the party?




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