Go to her house anyway

Onward to her house!

You arrive at Lily’s house, which really looks better than your’s.


It’s nice and huge, it’s a nice kitchen and yeah. You knock on the door, trying to pry your eyes off the window. Lily comes by and opens the door. She’s happy you came. She takes your hand and leads you to her room. There’s a laptop in there. You lay down on her bed, exhausted from everything.

”Ugh! I CAN’T find a SINGLE thing about this girl!” Lily is frustrated. She’s beating the keys with her fingers, that are sore from typing too fast. She hands you the laptop, and you don’t see anything that will help you either.

”We don’t know a single thing about this girl…” you whisper. How do they expect you to find her? All you know her birthday is 9/1/1994. You roll your head around, your neck is sore. Maybe you should go look on the father’s website.

It seems like he had posted something.

Do you read it?




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