Read it.

You scroll down, it’s really boring. All he says is how much he misses her, the memories he spent.

I never got to spend much time with her. But I loved her. I remember walking by a shelter for the homeless, and she went inside. She saw the people who had nothing. She said to me ”I want to help them. Right now” She reached into her pocket, she only had 5 dollars. She donated it anyway. Even as a little girl, she wanted to help people. She still did even now. I’m thinking, who would kidnap her? She helped everyone, even a soul who hated her. I can’t think what she did wrong. She’s gone now… please, whoever kidnapped her.. Please return her !

It sounds so emotionless. So fake. Like he’s doing it as a stunt. It doesn’t even tell you when she was kidnapped, or when she was kidnapped.. You only know her birthday.  That’s it.  You yawn, not bothering to read the rest of it. You lay back in Lily’s computer chair. If you did find this girl, maybe you buy a home for your parents and your 12 other siblings.


Wow, there’s another page. Do you read it?




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