Skip it.

You bother not to read it. You exit out of the website, but you still find nothing. Boring.  You say goodbye to Lily, and head on home.

But first you make a stop at your favorite and cheapest grocery store.  You walk into the store, and it feels like home. You greet Melly, the store owner. Although, she tells you some depressing news.

”Oh yeah, our house caught on fire just recently..We’re just going to live here for now.” It breaks your heart to hear that. You feel bad for her daughter, Lian though. You and Lian never talk, but it’s still really sad. You hand her 20 bucks and buy some cereal, and leave.


You’re home, watching TV. You’e flipping through channels, until a striking story from CBA catches your eye.

A family’s house burned down, but kind strangers offered to help it! You wonder if you can help Melly with her house. You don’t have the money, but she needs it more than you do. Maybe you could start a fundraiser..


But you head off to dream land, too tired to say anything.




You’re at the library, looking up more stuff about Marie. So far, you find nothing. You stumble across a forum your favorite game, Goosey. Goosey sounds really stupid to you first, but it’s actually very fun. Do you sign up?





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