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I’m glad you even decided to drop by! :)

So anyway, this wordpress is kinda like Choose Your Own Adventure. Not very detailed though, as I’m a terrible writer. It might be very confusing, but I will try to clean stuff up. It’s very boring and slow in the beginning, but it gets better.. I hope.. Well it’s your opinion.<3

How to play

  • Go to FIRST PAGE
  • Keep clicking
  • Choose gender
  • Should be easy








Who’s This Chick?

For some reason, you take time to read the rest of it.

”And – wait what… Reward is over a million dollars?” The anchorman¬†spits out his Jimmy Jay coffee, the money is too much. Too much for a girl, you think. The father of the girl appears on-screen, and you recognize this man. He’s a billionaire! You drop your cheap groceries onto the ground, and continue watching.




A Cold Night..

It’s dark and you’re alone. You walk by a TV store that’s about to close. They have one last news report before it turns off.

”Award! Girl goes missing!”

Keep going..