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Say hello

You respond back, with a mere ”hi”. You’re back to texting Emma.


Ellie: bac

Emma: wb

Ellie: godd i wish i was home -.-

Emma: r we still doin the marie girly thing??

Ellie: do u want 2?

Emma: not rly

Ellie: oook!

Emma: wanna come over to my house after detention?

Ellie: maybe 2morrow

And that ended the conversation. You’re so bored now. The freak next to you also looks very, very bored. Do you talk to him?




Skip to the next day.

You fast forward to today. It’s a school day. Goody. As usual, you’re late. And that what smack down lands you in detention. You tuck your blond hair in your rather awesome black fedora hat. Yeah.

You take a seat to a nerdy looking girl, and a boy walks in. He sits next to you.You must feel so special. You pull out your phone, texting Emma.


Ellie: uggh i HATE denetion

Ellie: detention*

Emma: lol wut u do this time? LOL



Ellie: stupid mr.alnold. all he does is SIT THERE AND DOESNT EVEN WATCH US IN DETENTION -_-

Emma: sucks 4 u

Ellie: annnd too top that, im sitting next to a nerd and a freak

Emma: what kind of freak?? the drug dealer freak or the just the freak

Ellie: y should it matter? 

Emma: is it a cute freak? ;)

Ellie: if u count ugly hair and zitface cute then sure

Emma: ewwww! couldve told me tat -_-

You’re about to send another message to Emma when you hear a voice. The boy says ”hi”. You turn your head to him. He’s not that bad-looking, maybe a little scruffy. He has brown chocolate hair, and don’t have a strong vocabulary dictionary to describe him. He’s just normal, you guess.

Do you say hi back?




Looks like Jason is a real person. He finally picks up after your 12th call.

”What?” Jason responds. He sounds unhappy. He sounds tired, too.

”I was wondering if you’d help me with-” you start, but Jason hangs up. Rude! You’re not sure if you want to stay friends with a huge jerkface, so you block his number.

What to do now…


Jimmy Jay’s Coffee, MHM

You walk to Jimmy Jay’s Coffee.  Across the street is it’s rival, Mary Mari’s Coffee. Mary Mari’s coffee is disgusting. Worst coffee ever. Worst than Seattle’s Best Coffee too.

You walk into Jimmy Jay’s Coffee shop, and it smells so nice. But you’re in the mood for hot chocolate. It’s freezing.  You love the smell of the shop. Smells like beans.

Yummy beans.

You also order a small cupcake, who says a gangster can’t have treats? Well, you’re not sure you’re really a gangster either. But whatever. You walk out of the store, sipping your hot chocolate. Your favorite part of drinking their hot chocolate, is when y0u’re done. You like to make those loud noises when you sip. It’s fun, and rude. You forget about the reward until Emma calls you.

She bugs you.




Emma: duuude! i saw this ad on tv. bout some gurl who went missing. reward is like 1 billion buuucks! dudz, do u know what we could do with tht money?

You: i knno, i saw. b over at ur house at 5, k

Emma: kk


You shut off your phone and head to Emma’s house. You’re still sipping your hot chocolate. You see that their door is open, but you should knock right?



Walk In


You scare the freak out of Emma. Emma finds you rude. She kicks you out.



You tell Emma all about it.

Girl talk man, girl talk. Emma thinks it’s interesting, and agrees to help you. You both snoop out clues. But you really can’t, because both of you are idiots. You and Emma dig into Marie’s background, get ready for becoming spies.You really can’t find much about the girl, but you find a whole lot about her father. CEO of a popular social site, no wonder he’s rich. Says here, he’s worth more than the site!

But not a single thing on his daughter. Not even her birthday. Maybe you guys aren’t looking hard enough.  Maybe you guys spelled her name wrong. Maybe it’s a fake name. Maybe this, maybe that. Emma gives up, and leaves your bedroom. You’re still staring at the screen.  You have 3 choices.

Bother Emma, or..

Skip to the next day.

Hang around your secret hideout..

Jason…Jason who?

Who is Jason?

Are you trying to be random?

Well then Mintbubblr thinks you’re a idiot. But you’re one of her characters.. Mintbubblr is a idiot too. This post is not funny, you think.


Give up, and go get a cup of coffee.

Keep calling.

Clark you Lazy Donkey

You’re not sure why you call Clark.

Clark is lazy.


Gangster Eh?

Your name is Ellie Jovie. You like fighting and can be labeled as a tom boy. You try to fit into the crowd of gangsters, but still try to keep your self out of juvie. People joke at you for your last name rhyming with ” Juvie”. You call your ”gang”, telling them about the award. You could barely hold your hat down. You chuckle. But – who do you call? All these annoying phone numbers bug you. Did I mention you forget stuff easily? Instead of telling your buddies, you dial Mickie’s Pizza. It’s a stupid name – it’s not even Italian. But the pizza is alright. You finally remember to call your friends, which one do you call?