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Perfect Day

You open your mouth to tell Lian about the reward, but quickly stop yourself. She’d refuse the money. You tell yourself.  But… she needs it. Arghhh. You’ve always hated devil-angel situations like this.

“Hey Lian.. How about we make a lemonade stand? You know, to earn money?”, you suggest.

“A lemonade stand? Kinda cliche, but alright. Maybe we could do dog walking along with that? Or maybe something more creative…”

You consider this. Dog walking would be nice. You’ve never had a dog before, though.. In fact, you’re rarely even around dogs at all. Would you be afraid of the big dogs? You hope not.

Lian suggests that you two walk to the store to get the lemons and sugar you need for the lemonade. You walk out of your room, down the hall, down the stairs, and she follows. You have your hand on the door handle when your mother asks where you’re going.

“Oh, we’re just going out to get some things for a lemonade stand. We’re trying to earn money.”

“A lemonade stand? That’s cliche… Well..have fun anyway!”

Ahhh. You love the cool breeze blowing your hair around as you walk outside with Lian. It’s such a beautiful day. The sun is shining, it’s 70 degrees, and the sky is bluer than ever. It’s perfect. Just perfect. After 15 minutes or so, you and Lian arrive at the store.

You see a man wearing a ragged, old, orange jumpsuit sitting on the ground outside the store. He’s holding a cardboard sign that says “Money, food, anything to help my starving children.”. A medium sized bucket sits on the pavement next to him.

What do you do?

Ignore him and walk into the store   OR   Give him money or food


Lane 1

You idiot!

You hate swimming by the wall! Why are you so stupid!!

But it’s too late to switch. You sigh. You’re next to a hispanic girl. Her hair is blocking her face. You offer her a hair tie. She gladly takes it, and smiles. It made you feel good today. You quickly tie your dark chocolate hair, and swim. You love the feeling of floating. It feel so free. You power your legs. You’re one of the fastest swimmers! Your coach gives you a thumbs up. Awesome.

After 20 minutes, you’re still not tired. You love this. You flutter your feet more, loving the feel of water. But soon, your skin gets..wrinkly.  You wrap your towel around you, freezing. Who the heck opened the doors outside?!


You get your clothes on, feeling warmer than before. You walk out the door, feeling better.

You arrive at your house, a few minutes later there’s a knock on  the door. It’s your bud, Lian. She looks worried, but whatever. You don’t think you would want to remind her. She runs up the stairs, throwing her backpack on the floor. She really didn’t care. She plops herself on your bed, feeling sick.

”Work?” You ask.

”Yuup. I hate working for my mom’s store. It’s just so…UGH!” She groans. You find the idea at working at a store is pretty fun. Well, owning at least.  You remember the reward you saw on TV. Should you confront your BFF about it?



Ignore the annoying RRRRRIING sound

You ignore it. Except, you forget everyone can hear the ringing! You should have muted your phone before you came to school. Idiot! Everyone turns their heads to you. Dummy.

Your teacher walks up to you, demanding your phone. He doesn’t seem happy you just interrupted the class. You drop your phone into his palm. You don’t think you’re getting that back.


Class ends, and you’re about to go to swim meet. Except your teacher calls your name. And who is this teacher? Mr.Zialk. One of the weirdest teachers ever.

”Dentention. Now.” He hands you a slip, and you grumble. You have other things to do! And this is going on your RECORD. This is going to hurt your chances of going to HARVARD. Oh no! You’re freaking out, as you walk to the office. You’ll end up at MCDONALDS. Or Taco Bell.  You are so dead.

So dead.


As you walk into Detention, there are 3 seats left. There are 3 rows.  One in the front, next to some shady guys.. Guy’s you’re afraid of.  One in the middle, where you see the infamous gangster – Ellie Jovie. Or in the very back, the guy that sells drugs. Which seat do you take? Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY, you think in your head. So, which seat do you take?


Sit next to the …weird shady guys.


Sit next to Ellie Jovie


Sit next to the drug dealer.


Rrrring Rrrrring! Answer!

You answer your phone. You’re not sure why you did such a stupid thing.  Good think you quieted down your phone. Only you could hear it. You whisper.

”Hooney?” Your mother shouts from the other end of the phone. You pipe it closer to your ear, hoping no one else will hear.

”Yesss mom?” You whisper, hissing the ‘s’. You sit in the very back, and you have a hoodie on. You’re not suppose to wear hats or anything that covers your head/face in school, but whatever.

”Just remember-” your mother starts, but you are interrupted by your teacher.

”Miss Andisun, please give me your phone.” Your teacher, Mr.Zialk opens his hand. It’s sticking right at you. Your cheeks are red, as everyone’s eyes are on you. You snap your phone closed, and quickly drop it in his hand. He clutches it, and closes his hand. He walks off.

When class is over, you’re about to walk out the door right..but Mr.Zialk calls your name. You gulp.

”I’m not suppose to give you your phone, but here” He drops it in your palm. You would’ve ran out the door, but you didn’t. You just stood there. You let out a smile, and whisper.

”Thank you”

”No problem, Miss Andisun!” He replies, and you exit out the door. Feeling a little guilty. You don’t know why, exactly. Maybe Mr.Zialk intended to do that.. Whatever!

You open your phone, and catch a text message from mom.


Mom:  Why’d you hanggg up on me?? Your mother! anyway, i was going 2 say, remember 2 go 2 the swim meet. plz.

You almost forgot! You run to the buses, catching your’s. The pool is two blocks from your bus stop, luckily you have your swim suit. You look at your text message again, thinking your mom is a bit absent minded. She forgot you were in class. But, mom’s make mistakes too.

You arrive at swim class.

You’re forced to pick a lane. Which lane do you choose. There are only 2 lanes left.

Lane 1

Lane 3


Your name is Cierea Andisun. Your only friend is your teddy bear. (Unless you count your parents) You’re  very smart. But not child prodigy smart. Just average smarts. B’s are your friends, and sometimes you get A’s.  You just got glasses, and everyone laughs at you – – but you guess the society of teens (most..) are idiots. You REALLY don’t do anything but sleep and study. You’re pretty boring. Reeeaaally boring!

Which is why Mintbubblr really doesn’t want to write about you.


But you will probably get more interesting..later. Or now. You sip a little of your Lemon Lime drink. Your mother calls you..and you’re in the middle of class.