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Wait..Good boy.

Good boy! A car zooms through. Close shot.. You think. You now can pass, you sprint across the road.. And head to your local pizza shop, Mickie’s. Just about EVERYONE eats the pizza, fresh and good. You kick open the doors, walking like you’re so hip. You have your back bent down a little, and your head tilting left.

Look at you, so fly.

One of the table workers finish cleaning a table, you shove him. You like facing the window.

”What was that for?” He grunts. He looks no older than you, you snicker.  But you know Mickie like’s keeping HER costumers. Bother the workers as much as you want.. You get a bark from Barkerr

”dawgg, 1m getin laid!!!!!” You open your phone, finding a awesomely (in your opinion) barkerr. He barks to you, and you reply.

”PIMP” is all you reply. A lady walks by, glancing at your barkerr. Who cares  you think. Some people think you’re a poser, but no dawg. You’re a gangster, you’re in gangs! But you admit you bluff too much. Mickie walks by, she use to be hot when you were a toddler.

Now she’s all old. OLODOLDOLD.

Mickie still remembers you, and she smiles. She drops by with one slice of Canadian Bacon with extra cheese-  the same old same old. You remember how much you pay, and you munch fast. You don’t think you’ll get sick of it for a while.


You exit out, and head to the grocery store. You promised your ma you would buy milk.



You are really stupid. A car is speeding for you, and you don’t have enough time to make it.


Oh Yay..

Your name is Dante Boe. You take interest in winning, and had always dreamed of robbing a bank. People often call you a poser, and you are rival’s with the female gangster at your school – Ellie. She seems not to notice you, but you take your rivalship very seriously. She often jokes and says you’re no gangster, but in reality neither is she. You both are posers, but you keep that at the back of your head. The only law you’ve broken was vandalising.. You stretch, tired. You’re at a crossing. You need to wait. But there are no cars.. The timing must be messed up. No one is around, what do you do?

Run across