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You sprint around for a couple minutes before you lose breath.


You bump into some girls. You say sorry.





You start off running, you have a good pace. You manage not to get yelled at, and you’re thinking about playing video games. Oh, glorious. You’re such a nerd. One of your homeroom classmates pass by.

”Hey, Vade” He shoves you in the shoulder.

What was that for? You fall onto Kasey, who is also a cheerleader. Her head bangs onto the floor, where your head hits her..

STOMACH! You sick thing.

Erase that thought out of your mind.You shake your head, saying sorry. You’re not going to gain any points with the ladies. Not at all. P.E is finished, and school is over. You get on the bus, the backseats are open! But usually you never sit there. There’s a group of kids sitting there. But they’re a few people behind you. Do you sit there or not?




You decide to jog. But after a few minutes, your P.E teacher yells at you.

”CAN YOU RUN FASTER? ARE YOU A TURTLE OR SOMETHING? RUN BOY RUN” You begin to speed up, but bump into the school’s ”gangster”

You both trip over, panting. He spits at you.

”WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” He gets up, yelling. He grabs you by the turtle neck, but the P.E teacher grabs his hoodie.. pulling him away.

”KEEP. YOUR. HANDS. TO. YOURSELF, PUNK” He pushes the gangster away, and turns to you.

”And for you… man up” He gives his final words of wisdom, and walks away.

You really messed things up.



You swing open your bedroom door, landing on your memory form bed. There’s hot spicy Cheeto bags laying around. You should really pick that up. You turn on your DreamX controller, waiting for the awesomeness to shine on you. Ever since MintosMint Co. Released the DreamX, you’ve been buying every game they’ve released. Their latest was their 100th game, and it was one of the BEST THINGS EVER. You’re thinking of playing it again, but then you have that new game… Final One – a zombie shooting game. Awesome.


Which one do you play?


Final One

100th Game

Typical, Isn’t It?

Your name is Vade Llam. People mock at you for your funny name, because your parents were really weird for naming you that. You seem to be very unlucky. Very. You hate it.  You play video games too much, and you’re friends with a junkie. You’re scrawny and get beat up a lot. But hey, you can’t blame it on anyone else but you. Because it’s your fault. Yup. Mintbubblr thinks you’re boring too, because you’re like a Mary Sue. Funny how she doesn’t like the other nerd too. Not that she hates nerds or anything. She will make you more interesting, YES LIKE PROFESSOR PYG! You have P.E. You’re suppose to run/jog/sprint for about 20 minutes, will you…