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Be partners with TIM.

Friends first, dude. You head on over to Tim, really bored about the project. You look around the room, seeing Ellie being partnered with her BFF Emma. You and Ellie only had small talk, and it would be rather weird if you guys were partners all of a sudden. And rude you left Tim hanging..again. Tim taps you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear.

”Duude..see that girl?” He points. It looks like he’s pointing at Ellie, or Emma.

”Ellie?” You respond back, but he shakes his head no.

”No, other chick..Emma? Yeah. Emma. Total cutie” You’ve never heard Tim use those words. It sounded weird coming out his mouth. You nod your head, suddenly wishing you were home. This is just so boring! You snooze off, until Tim wakes up.


School is over! What will you do now?


Catch up with Tim

Show Luke who’s boss and get REVENGE.


Be partners with ELLIE

You walk up to Ellie, gently tapping her shoulder. She turns around, a bit surprised. She’s already partners with her BFF – Emma. You back away, feeling a bit embarrassed. You did it again! This is not cool. You feel a bit funny, and you turn to Tim.


But Tim’s already partners with someone else. Your teacher looks at you, and well you guess you’ll have to do this project by yourself. Nice going! You sulk in your chair, waiting for the day to be over. You don’t bother to listen to what everyone else is saying.


School is over, and you’re out. You’re planning to go to the pool. You want to check out the new local pool. It has 3 slides (big ones!) and a huge pool. But you remember you’re going alone. But maybe you can pick up some girls there, am I right? Who doesn’t want to go swimming in California?


But you still got homework.

Slack off?

Do your homework.

Find more about the mysterious GANGSTER GIRL.

Every day, you two make small talk. You learned her name a few days ago, it’s Ellie. Heh. You gave her your name, and she laughed for a while. You’re beginning to hate your name, and she nicknames you Kenny Mc Ken. You’re not really sure how it’s funny anymore.

You and her share science class. You’ll need a partner- but there’s your broTim. Do you choose Ellie or Tim to be your partner?



Be friends with the nerdy girl

You decide to give her another shot. You didn’t even get her name. The next day, you walk up to her during lunch. She’s sitting with an unfamiliar face. She recognizes you, but wants no piece of you. She doesn’t acknowledge you. Her friend ignores you too.

Do you keep trying to become her friend?




Or do you try for the girl she’s sitting next to?


Show Luke who’s BOSS.

Now, you’re not strong but you’re healthy. You’re not smart, but you’re a jokester.

And you know the best pranks. The best. You plot out your revenge, but you think to yourself is it really worth it? You have it all set for tomorrow, but do you really want to do it?



Talk to the nerd

You ignore the gangster girl and talk to the nerd.

You whimper a small ”hello”.

She doesn’t respond. She looks like she doesn’t want to be here, much less deserve to be here. You sigh, and doodle on your notebook. Better luck next time.

If you decide to try to be friends with the nerdy girl, then click here.

If you decide to give another shot at the gangster girl, click here.

If you want to decide SHOW LUKE WHO’S BOSS for making you end up in DETENTION.

Don’t warn her…

You didn’t warn her.


The teacher walks in, spotting the wannabe gangster girl. He walks over, yanking the phone out of her hand.

”You’ll get this back once your parents come over and take it back!” And he walks away. She now has no phone.  That ended a…chance for a maybe interesting partnership. But whatever. You have Tim.


Go home.

Warn her

You point your finger at the door, just in time.  She understands, and quickly snaps her phone shut. The teacher walks into the room, looking at you all. He walks back out, and she sighs a sign of relief. She opens back up her phone, probably texting someone.

Detention is over. You don’t know why, but you seem to have a crush on the gangster girl. Mostly because she’s cute. And she has an awesome black fedora hat.  Maybe she will help you find Marie, since she said she had been researching about her with her friend.

Now, you have a choice


Hang out WITH TIM

Bring up Marie

Everyone has been talking about the missing girl.

”Sooo…you know the girl who went missing?” you ask. She slowly nods her head up and down.

” and my friend Emily are trying to find her..” She replies, still looking at her phone. She’s tapping and tapping. You’re not allowed to have detention in class. But the teacher watching was in another room. You hear the teacher’s voice coming down the hall. Do you warn the girl the teacher is coming?

Warn her

Don’t warn her..

Say something random.

You say something random.

”I like to shop at Wellingtons…” You blurt you. She eyeballs you. Wellingtons is hand me downs. Now she thinks you’re poor!

”Oh…” She replies. But she’s back on tapping her phone. Nice try, anyway. Detention is over. What will you do now?


Catch up with the gangster

Spend a pizza night at home

Catch up with your deserted friend, Tim.