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Find another way out

You scramble back to the living room. There’s a way out from there.You’re scared, as the fire chases you. Your lungs hurt and want to scream. Your memories are burning. You watch your house crumble apart. You race to the entrance to the backyard, swinging the door open. You’re coughing, You roll out, landing on the soft grass. You can hear firefighters rushing into the house, but you’re too tired to wake up. You’re safe now, at least

You wake up in your mom’s store, sleeping on a sleeping bag. Your brother is sound asleep next to you, and you sigh. You roll over, thinking of the current events. Your house is gone. How are you going to face school? You’re still wearing the clothes from the fire, and you just feel sick to the stomach. Your house is gone. Surely, you’ll have to break the news to someone. But who? It’s 10 PM, who do you call?






Stay put

You’re afraid you’ll get yourself into more trouble, so you stay put. Coughing. Your lungs feel like they’re burning. You’re wondering if this will hurt your lungs badly enough that you’ll die. Your spot right before the burning garbage is in trouble. Fire makes it away towards you, and you’re surrounded. You say your last player, before you burn to the crisp.


Play again?


You drop down on the ground. You’re rolling to the door. Your lungs feel so much better. Ash falls on your face. Although rolling on the ground helps, you still feel pain.  You roll outside. You get on your knees. You’re running from your home – on fire. You remember your memories with it. Now it will be gone.

You’re so lucky no one was inside…

Your neighbors have already seen. The firefighters are here. You’re so relieved you got out alive, and so is your mother.


You’re taken back to your mother’s store. It’s closed, but you guys will be sleeping there. Your mother sells food, like a supermarket. You borrowed a sleeping bag from your neighbor, and you, your mother and brother sleep on the ground. Words are lost.


You wake up.

You run to the bathroom, with a brand new toothbrush. You scrub your teeth. There’s no shower, but you can take one at your friend’s or a gym..


At least you didn’t pick the phone..

You inhale smoke. It burns your lungs, it hurts so much. You cough your way out. You use your shirt as a guard, but you still inhale so much smoke. You begin to become dizzy. You can barely see. You can see the fire. It’s blocking your path.

What will you do?

Wait for help.

Find another way



Why did you do that!

You reach for the phone, being completely stupid. But it’s too late to turn back now. The fire rises up your arm, proceeding to the rest of your body. It burns your limbs, and you feel pain. So much pain. You’re on fire, your skin is burning. If you do survive, you’ll be a mess. You look around, wanting to scream so hard right now. But you can’t. Your life flashes by. was so short.

You have died.

Play again?


The elderly lady grunts at you.

”Are you sure?!” The lady spits onto your nose. You run the numbers in your head, you say sorry. You offer her a 50% off giftcard for the shop, but the lady declines.

You’re pretty sure she won’t be shopping here again. You just lost 50$. Stupid! You smack yourself in the head.


Your shift is over. You race to your BFF’s house, Cierea.


The elderly woman smiles at you, handing you a bill. You push it in the cash register and..YOUR SHIFT IS UP! You make a beeline to the door.

You’re at home, flickering through channels. You hear a screeching noise, and smell smoke. There’s a fire in the kitchen! You scram, but the fire has gotten to the table. The house is in flames. You..

Scramble out the door! No one’s home..

Grab for the Phone


Another Day, Another Torture

Your name is Lian Willso. You work for your Mom, as a clerk. You scan dozens of eggs, sick of hearing that beeping noise. You rip the receipt out of the machine, and hand it to the customer. He reminds you of someone at your school – poor. You yawn, you still have 20 minutes to go. You watch for the clock to tick, waiting and waiting. This you think…Is boring. You regret even agreeing to help out your mom. Being surrounded by your favorite snacks..and unable to rip them open! The baker comes out with fresh cake, putting it on the stand. You lick your lip, drooling. You’re snapped out of your daydreaming by an elderly woman, grumpy. She slides the items onto the scanner, you having to reach over. You flick your head, making sure you’re awake. A huge box of cake is brought up. You remember the Baker saying something about it worth over 100$..His blood and sweat dedicated to it. You swipe oranges and boxes, bored.

”LIAN..I need you to help me!” Your mother shouts. You say to the elderly lady you’ll be right back. Your mother is handling carts of oranges, you greatly rearrange it on the shelf. You jump down from the steps, back to scanning. One of your co-workers accidentally went to your station and messed up the price. The elderly woman looks at you, demanding for a price.

The price..?