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Skip it.

You bother not to read it. You exit out of the website, but you still find nothing. Boring.  You say goodbye to Lily, and head on home.

But first you make a stop at your favorite and cheapest grocery store.  You walk into the store, and it feels like home. You greet Melly, the store owner. Although, she tells you some depressing news.

”Oh yeah, our house caught on fire just recently..We’re just going to live here for now.” It breaks your heart to hear that. You feel bad for her daughter, Lian though. You and Lian never talk, but it’s still really sad. You hand her 20 bucks and buy some cereal, and leave.


You’re home, watching TV. You’e flipping through channels, until a striking story from CBA catches your eye.

A family’s house burned down, but kind strangers offered to help it! You wonder if you can help Melly with her house. You don’t have the money, but she needs it more than you do. Maybe you could start a fundraiser..


But you head off to dream land, too tired to say anything.




You’re at the library, looking up more stuff about Marie. So far, you find nothing. You stumble across a forum your favorite game, Goosey. Goosey sounds really stupid to you first, but it’s actually very fun. Do you sign up?





Read it.

You scroll down, it’s really boring. All he says is how much he misses her, the memories he spent.

I never got to spend much time with her. But I loved her. I remember walking by a shelter for the homeless, and she went inside. She saw the people who had nothing. She said to me ”I want to help them. Right now” She reached into her pocket, she only had 5 dollars. She donated it anyway. Even as a little girl, she wanted to help people. She still did even now. I’m thinking, who would kidnap her? She helped everyone, even a soul who hated her. I can’t think what she did wrong. She’s gone now… please, whoever kidnapped her.. Please return her !

It sounds so emotionless. So fake. Like he’s doing it as a stunt. It doesn’t even tell you when she was kidnapped, or when she was kidnapped.. You only know her birthday.  That’s it.  You yawn, not bothering to read the rest of it. You lay back in Lily’s computer chair. If you did find this girl, maybe you buy a home for your parents and your 12 other siblings.


Wow, there’s another page. Do you read it?



Go to her house anyway

Onward to her house!

You arrive at Lily’s house, which really looks better than your’s.


It’s nice and huge, it’s a nice kitchen and yeah. You knock on the door, trying to pry your eyes off the window. Lily comes by and opens the door. She’s happy you came. She takes your hand and leads you to her room. There’s a laptop in there. You lay down on her bed, exhausted from everything.

”Ugh! I CAN’T find a SINGLE thing about this girl!” Lily is frustrated. She’s beating the keys with her fingers, that are sore from typing too fast. She hands you the laptop, and you don’t see anything that will help you either.

”We don’t know a single thing about this girl…” you whisper. How do they expect you to find her? All you know her birthday is 9/1/1994. You roll your head around, your neck is sore. Maybe you should go look on the father’s website.

It seems like he had posted something.

Do you read it?



Text back

You text back on Lily, using little words. Your phone is the flip up ones, and is very small. Your typing is really bad, but you hope she can understand it. You use as little as words possible, you mostly call people instead of texting.

To Donna from Lily

Donna: Hy

Lily: Oh, hey!

Donna: i dnt thnk i can go 2 the party 2day : (

That’s actually true, because you really can’t. You’re too busy. Your parents said no, and you’re stuck in your room doing homework.

Lily: awwww!!!! :(((

Donna: yah..& gtg ttyl

Here you are now, stuck in your room. You’re headbanging your desk. You really want to go to that party. Your parents are asleep right now.. you could come back before your dad leaves for work..Do you leave for the party?



Find another way out

You scramble back to the living room. There’s a way out from there.You’re scared, as the fire chases you. Your lungs hurt and want to scream. Your memories are burning. You watch your house crumble apart. You race to the entrance to the backyard, swinging the door open. You’re coughing, You roll out, landing on the soft grass. You can hear firefighters rushing into the house, but you’re too tired to wake up. You’re safe now, at least

You wake up in your mom’s store, sleeping on a sleeping bag. Your brother is sound asleep next to you, and you sigh. You roll over, thinking of the current events. Your house is gone. How are you going to face school? You’re still wearing the clothes from the fire, and you just feel sick to the stomach. Your house is gone. Surely, you’ll have to break the news to someone. But who? It’s 10 PM, who do you call?





Stay put

You’re afraid you’ll get yourself into more trouble, so you stay put. Coughing. Your lungs feel like they’re burning. You’re wondering if this will hurt your lungs badly enough that you’ll die. Your spot right before the burning garbage is in trouble. Fire makes it away towards you, and you’re surrounded. You say your last player, before you burn to the crisp.


Play again?

Perfect Day

You open your mouth to tell Lian about the reward, but quickly stop yourself. She’d refuse the money. You tell yourself.  But… she needs it. Arghhh. You’ve always hated devil-angel situations like this.

“Hey Lian.. How about we make a lemonade stand? You know, to earn money?”, you suggest.

“A lemonade stand? Kinda cliche, but alright. Maybe we could do dog walking along with that? Or maybe something more creative…”

You consider this. Dog walking would be nice. You’ve never had a dog before, though.. In fact, you’re rarely even around dogs at all. Would you be afraid of the big dogs? You hope not.

Lian suggests that you two walk to the store to get the lemons and sugar you need for the lemonade. You walk out of your room, down the hall, down the stairs, and she follows. You have your hand on the door handle when your mother asks where you’re going.

“Oh, we’re just going out to get some things for a lemonade stand. We’re trying to earn money.”

“A lemonade stand? That’s cliche… Well..have fun anyway!”

Ahhh. You love the cool breeze blowing your hair around as you walk outside with Lian. It’s such a beautiful day. The sun is shining, it’s 70 degrees, and the sky is bluer than ever. It’s perfect. Just perfect. After 15 minutes or so, you and Lian arrive at the store.

You see a man wearing a ragged, old, orange jumpsuit sitting on the ground outside the store. He’s holding a cardboard sign that says “Money, food, anything to help my starving children.”. A medium sized bucket sits on the pavement next to him.

What do you do?

Ignore him and walk into the store   OR   Give him money or food

Hot Dog!

You watch the steaming hot dog plop down on your tray. It smelled good. In kindergarten, you remembered it bouncing. It was disgusting. Did lunch in the district just IMPROVED? Oh well.

You get a text from your friend Lily, do you text back?



Cheesy Pizza

All they have left is cheese pizza. Yuck! You always wonder who even eats it. It’s disgusting. It’s cheese plastered over tomato sauce on cardboard. Well, school pizza anyway. You really missed elm. lunch. Well actually, elm. lunch sucked too. You rather starve than eat this trash! You sip on your milk, sighing. You get a text from your friend, Lily.

To Donna from Lily

Lily: duduedue i gotta tell you somethin

Donna: dued

Lily: What?

Donna: hve i ever told u how much the schools pizza sux

Lily: No, because I don’t go to your school.

Donna: our mascot still beats urs

Lily: No way, Bobcats rule!

Donna: Dogs>Cats

Lily: Whatever.

Donna: So why did you text me again?

Lily: Oh yeah! Anyway, I like saw this ad on TV or somethin bout this girl name Marie, and theres like an reward for like BIG BUCK$

Donna: o

Lily: Yeaah, come over to my house. I wanna find more about this Marie girl.

Donna: K, i’ll see.

Lily: anyway, gotta go

Donna: bye!!

Your spelling is terrible. You would text better, but you barely have any letters left.

You snap your phone shut, sighing. You and Lily really never talk much anymore. Should you go to Lily’s house?



Be partners with TIM.

Friends first, dude. You head on over to Tim, really bored about the project. You look around the room, seeing Ellie being partnered with her BFF Emma. You and Ellie only had small talk, and it would be rather weird if you guys were partners all of a sudden. And rude you left Tim hanging..again. Tim taps you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear.

”Duude..see that girl?” He points. It looks like he’s pointing at Ellie, or Emma.

”Ellie?” You respond back, but he shakes his head no.

”No, other chick..Emma? Yeah. Emma. Total cutie” You’ve never heard Tim use those words. It sounded weird coming out his mouth. You nod your head, suddenly wishing you were home. This is just so boring! You snooze off, until Tim wakes up.


School is over! What will you do now?


Catch up with Tim

Show Luke who’s boss and get REVENGE.